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mod.xml contains information on what your mod is all about - a name, a version number, some flags, and a description.

      <revision text="0.9.9"/>
      <author text="Dirk Diggle"/>
      <name text="Dirk Diggle in the Blink Curse Trap Fiasco"/>
      <description text="Seriously, this Dredmor mod is unsuitable for consumption by anybody. Ever. Banned by the Dwarven Mod Council."/>
      <info totalconversion="0"/>
      <require expansion="1"/>
      <require expansion="2"/>

Here, the lines

<require expansion="1"/>


<require expansion="2"/>

indicate that you require both expansions - Realm of the Diggle Gods (ROTDG) and You Have To Name The Expansion Pack (YHTNTEP).

Note: you must include *one* of these files in every mod you distribute. One mod can, of course, have multiple things in it (skills, items, blink curse traps, etc.) but you probably only want to document it once.

Packaging a mod as a ZIP file

Packaging a mod for distribution is simple. Essentially, you want to create a ZIP file with your mod in it. Suppose you decide that you want to package a mod, Dirk Diggle in the Blink Curse Trap Fiasco. You've created your mod by placing it as a folder in your Gaslamp Games/Dungeons of Dredmor/mods directory, you've built the mod, and you're ready to try distributing it to everybody.

  • Note: All .xml files should be places in the 'mod' folder

To do this, your first step is to create a new ZIP file containing your mod. Your ZIP should be created from *inside* the mod directory - so that if, for instance, you have:

   Dirk Diggle in the Blink Curse Trap Fiasco
     -- mod
     -- sprites
     -- items
     -- soundfx

You want to create a ZIP file which has this local directory structure:
      -- mod
      -- sprites
      -- items
      -- soundfx

Most programs, such as 7zip, will do the right thing if you just try to create a new zip file from within the directory. Be sure to preserve the directory structure.

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